Hands & Feet


Manicures File & Polish – £8.00

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Approx 20 mins

Standard Manicure – £20.00

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Approx 45 mins

This treatment consists of the nails being clipped and filed and the cuticles being treated, followed by a hand massage and then a polish application. All that you need to make your hands look clean and beautiful.

IBX Nail Treatment – £5.00 


This is an Add on Treatment to any Gelish Manicure, Pedicure or a Treatment Manicure. 

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Approx 15 mins

IBX is brilliant treatment for you ladies that love your Gelish manicures or pedicures. It can be applied before polish application to form a protective layer on your nail bed and helps to keep your nails healthy and strong and eliminates flaking, peeling and white spots. It can also be used on its own in a treatment manicure to condition and strengthen your nails and helps promote growth. The results are amazing. 

Treatment Manicure – £15.00

Add The  IBX  Nail  Treatment for £5.00

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Approx 30 mins

This manicure is fantastic for anybody who is suffering from dry brittle or damaged nails its great to have in between continuous Gelish manicure to add hydration back to the nails. the treatment includes the nails being filed, cuticle work, a hand scrub a hydrating hand mask with heated Mitts a hand massage and a keratin nail treatment.

Gelish Manicure – £20.00

Add The  IBX  Nail Treatment for £5.00

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Approx 1 hour

Gelish is a long wearing nail polish that lasts upto 14 days without chipping. This high shine varnish is instantly dry and available in a range of colours, glitters & French Polish. This treatment includes, cuticle work, nail shape and hand massage

Gelish Removal – £5.00

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Approx 15min

Gelish needs to be removed from the nails by soaking the product to prevent damage to the natural nail bed. This can be added to your next treatment if you do not wish to remove it yourself (Do Not Peel Gelish off)



File & Polish – £8.00

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Approx 20 mins

Standard Pedicure –  £20.00

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Approx 45mins

This treatment includes the nails being clipped and filed and cuticles being treated this is followed by a foot soak, hard skin removal and an application of foot cream. This treatment is completed with a varnish application or Gelish Polish can be added for an extra £5.00

Deluxe Pedicure – £25.00

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Approx 1 hour 30 minutes

Same as standard Pedicure but includes a foot scrub illuminating foot mask and heat treatment. Gelish polish can be added for a extra £5.00.